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Kaffeehaus in WienThe coffeehouse is an important Viennese tradition. Learn more about the cafés and coffeehouses of Vienna and the famous Austrian coffee culture.

Our list of coffeehouses is still a work in progress but growing daily. Take a look at the shop in the meantime.

Please excuse if it takes a little while to complete this website. There has to be enough time left for a coffee or two. And Vienna is a very relaxed city too.

Wenn ich nicht zu Hause bin, bin ich im Hawelka.
Wenn ich nicht im Hawelka bin, dann bin ich auf dem Weg ins Hawelka
- Alfred Schmeller

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Newly added:

Burggasse24 Café und Vintagestore in 1070 Wien

Burggasse24 Café und Vintagestore

Burggasse 24
1070 Wien
Stadtcafé in 1010 Wien


Freyung 1
1010 Wien
Café Josefine in 1080 Wien

Café Josefine

Laudongasse 10
1080 Wien
Gecko - Café, Bristo, Bar in 1170 Wien

Gecko - Café, Bristo, Bar

Hernalser Hauptstraße 86
1170 Wien
Lilette's Coffee & Juices in 1010 Wien

Lilette's Coffee & Juices

Tuchlauben 19
1010 Wien

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